About Us

There’s nothing quite as amazing and bewildering as becoming a parent. From the sleepless nights after bringing home baby, to the patience-testing moments of having a toddler, and on to the journey that is finding the right preschool, being a parent is a 24 hour job and one that often only other parents can fully understand. You always want the best for your child, but you still strive for balance and the support of a community. Enter, Peekadoodle kidsclub.

Fun For Kids… 

At Peekadoodle, you can find carefully crafted educational and creative fun for children five years and younger, all under one roof, in a safe and central location. The kidsclub is a membership-based destination where kids can enjoy an interactive PlaySpace, participate in educational enrichment classes, take their first drop-off class, or enroll in part time or full time preschool programs. There is something for little learners at every developmental stage and our programs are designed to ignite creativity and encourage social and emotional growth.

…And For You Too! 

Plus, Peekadoodle gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to enjoy a meal from the full service cafe, meet up with friends for play dates, log onto the free WiFi or simply relax as the kids explore and learn. The space has been designed so that adults can engage their little ones in creative play or keep them easily in view.

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