Our Story

Our Inspiration

The inspiration behind the idea for Peekadoodle was the founders’ children — Faith [now 7] and Peyton [now 9]. As Ellen nursed her then 4 month old daughter in the lactation room at her law office, and Kayla sat on a park bench alone with an apple juice box and her then 2 year old, they chatted on the phone about how disconnected they felt from the world and how their children deserved more. They decided to create a one-stop-shop for kids and parents alike and poof — their 3rd child [Peekadoodle], was born. Now, their youngest children, Adrian [3] and Sloan [2.5] both attend preschool at Peekadoodle!

Faith Says:

It’s pretty awesome to have moms who grew up together and are still best friends. When I was REALLY little and napping twice a day, our moms talked all the time. They shared their new parent stories and swapped ideas on how to have fun with us: what to do before and after our naps, how to find quality classes, and where we could play together.

Peyton Says:

Our moms had so many creative ideas that by the time I was two years old, they decided to start this place called Peekadoodle kidsclub that offers everything they wanted (and still want!) for us. Now Faith and I see each other almost every day, as if we were family, and our moms still talk and plan and laugh together all the time. They are extra happy because they get to share their dreams with the entire city of San Francisco!

Why Peekadoodle kidsclub?

We all encounter the same question every day… How do I provide safe, stimulating and enriching fun for my kids and also fulfill my need to relax, socialize, or concentrate on work?¬†We’ve come up with a list of answers to why a Peekadoodle kidsclub membership offers the best play in the Bay.


It’s smart, creative stimulation. Peekadoodle kidsclub makes your kids happy. With so many lively classes, an enormous PlaySpace to explore, and new friends to meet, there are endless possibilities for amazement. We offer a wide range of instruction and specialized, attentive, and dynamic teachers. Plus, the interactive PlaySpace promotes autonomy, fine tuning of motor skills, and social development.


It’s a safe, central, welcoming community. Peekadoodle kidsclub has everything you and your kids need for playtime, all in one indoor spot. Its kid-friendly materials, age-appropriate, interactive activities, and membership amenities offer a greater degree of customization, enrichment, and safety than a public space. Plus, no matter what the weather, you can count on hours of fun and friendship just steps from your home.


It helps you balance your life. Being a parent can be overwhelming at times! Peekadoodle kidsclub helps you regain life balance by enabling you to enjoy and make great use of your child’s energetic hours. Join your child in play or classes, or fulfill your desire to see him or her happily engaged while you take a few moments to eat, shop, socialize, or relax.
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