Who We Are

Ellen Park and Kayla Lee, best friends, mothers of little ones and founders of Peekadoodle kidsclub. We know that learning how to be a parent, finding a supportive community, and striking a balance between your child’s life and yours is a tremendous challenge, even in a city as friendly, stimulating, and diverse as San Francisco.

We created Peekadoodle kidsclub to make those life-changing early years a memorable experience for both you and your child. Our goal is to put all of the ingredients for great community into one spot, so that your children are blissfully engaged while you find supportive friendships and peace of mind. Most of all, we offer you a place to bond with your child and to enjoy parenthood’s greatest reward – seeing your child happy.


EllenEllen Park

Founder and CEO

Ellen is the co-founder and CEO of Peekadoodle Kidsclub. Prior to the launch of the Kidsclub in 2008, Ellen earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Washington. She taught Sunday School throughout college and worked as a tutor for elementary school children before moving from Seattle to the east coast to work as a nanny for two girls, ages 5 and 7. Upon her return to the west coast, Ellen settled in San Francisco and graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law. Ellen practiced law in estate planning, tax compliance and consulting before partnering with longtime friend, Kayla Lee to launch Peekadoodle Kidsclub. Ellen has been happily married for over 10 years and is mom to her two children, 8 year old daughter, Faith and 3 year old son, AJ!

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