Dramatic Indoor Playspace that Fosters Creativity & Socialization

The importance of play & the desire to ignite creativity in children has driven the Peekadoodle concept, and the kidsclub is anchored by a dramatic indoor PlaySpace. The space takes on the familiarity of a San Francisco neighborhood, and encourages children to build upon what they already know about the world in which we live.

Imaginative play is the way that children to learn how to socialize, solve their own problems, negotiate, cooperate, share, and express their emotions. Often, play also reflects issues that a child is working through and is the channel for communicating feelings that they are experiencing.

In addition to featuring a larger than life Golden Gate Bridge, quaint Victorian, and child-sized cable car, the playspace is maintained around the clock by a team of cleaners who ensure that toys are washed and surfaces are sanitized. The playspace is open for play Monday through Saturday for members and is reserved for private events on Sundays.  We also offer a drop-in day pass, if you only want to come play for the day. Membership benefits include free classes and activities as well as access to a wide array of enrichment classes.  To learn more about joining the club, click here.

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