Peekadoodle Academy is a licensed preschool program founded on a balanced approach to learning. Our curriculum fosters independent and creative thinking through a balance of both guided exploration and learning through play.  The Academy centers its curriculum on the whole child through cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development. Our program uses developmentally appropriate practices that encourage child-guided, active exploration of thought-provoking questions about their world.


Our curriculum focuses on the whole child, always remembering they are growing within a family. Our teachers recognize the importance of safe, supportive relationships and interactions with children and their families. Since children’s worldviews begin in their homes, family voices and heritage are incorporated into our classrooms and programs.

We create and capitalize on teachable moments as children discover their world through play. Water table, blocks, dramatic play materials, cooking, painting and drawing are some of the readily available activities in our classrooms. Additionally, creative lessons and units of study will be designed based on children’s interests and questions about their world.

Social Growth

Children learn how to form positive, caring, cooperative relationships by interacting with other children and adults. Through these interactions, children learn to understand their role in social settings. When a child experiences success in play and is encouraged to make choices, communicate thoughts and feelings in a positive way, and accept responsibility for actions, the child learns social skills that will last a lifetime. Early childhood play experiences effect learning and personal growth throughout life. Our objective is to assist families in the task of providing a strong foundation for their child’s future educational and social/emotional development. Peekadoodle Academy is a safe, respectful, responsive and positive place for your child. It is a place that supports children in actively engaging with their world to establish healthy relationships with others, solve problems, and figure out who they are and how they fit within their family and community.

Our Goal

Peekadoodle Academy’s goal is to be recognized as the leader in San Francisco for early child education programs. We prepare children for success in kindergarten and in their future educational endeavors through a balanced program of play and structure. We will focus on creating independent thinkers who have fun and discover their love of learning during their time in preschool. Our curriculum is inspired by the natural curiosities of children and is guided by the California Preschool Curriculum Framework.

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