Fast Facts

Here are the answers to some of the most often asked questions about our preschool programs. Keep in mind that many of your questions about the philosophy and policies of the school will be answered on the tour. Additional information can be found here.

Average Enrollment for Prep and Academy

100 students

Average Class Size

12 students

Student to Teacher Ratio

7 : 1

Number of Classrooms


Minimum Age

20 months for Mini-Prep
22 months for Prep
2.5 years by September for Academy


Students who have graduated from Prep and Academy  have gone on to attend a diverse array of kindergartens and preschools, including private, parochial, and public schools. Some of our Prep and Academy alum have been accepted into the following schools:

Katherine Delmar Burke School
Convent of the Sacred Heart
Stuart Hall
Town School for Boys
Cathedral School for Boys
Marin Country Day School
French American International School
Chinese American International School
San Francisco Day School
St Vincent De Paul
Notre Dame des Victoires

Mini-Prep & Prep vs Academy

Mini-Prep and Prep run quarterly, making them more flexible while the Academy operates on a school year calendar, which tends to create consistency. Mini-Prep and Prep are often used as a pre-preschool, preschool supplement or preschool alternative.

Part time or Full day

Peekadoodle Prep and Peekadoodle Academy offer both part time and full day options. Students who attend AM classes have the option for Clubhouse until 1pm or Extended Care until 4:30 or 6:00pm. Students who attend PM classes have the option for Early Explorers from 8:30-12:30pm.  Mini-Prep only offers a part time schedule.

School Calendar

Our school year calendar for the upcoming school year can be found online here.


Peekadoodle Mini-Prep, Prep and Academy parents receive a weekly newsletter, including a link to our photos from the week, a message from the director, an update from the teacher, notes from the Parents Association and a link to our most recent lunch menu. In addition, we are always available via phone, email, and in person for any other questions or thoughts.

When to Apply

Apply early! Although the date on your application does not necessarily influence your child’s admission outcome, it does help for us to have your information early so that we can schedule a tour and begin to plan for our upcoming school year.

Additional questions or thoughts can be directed to or We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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